China VS Vatican. Score 2:1

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Trying to be a peacemaker, Pope Francis not only looses a battle with the ‘mandarins’ from the CPC (Communist Party of China), but also betrays his Chinese flock.

The only goal of the Pope is to legalize the Roman Catholic church in the PRC (People’s Republic of China). Since the time of Mao, there are two parallel Catholic structures – officially registered Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, not recognized by the Pope, and the ‘Catacomb’ Catholic church, canonical from the point of view of Vatican, but illegal for the PRC government.

According to unofficial sources, Pope Francis informed the government of China of his wish to adjust the status of the Roman Catholic church in China. The actions of Chinese officials should be commended, for they invented a plan, which was the most advantageous for themselves and humiliating for Vatican. To start a summit, the Pope should organize a conference, devoted to the problem of illegal traffic in organs, by his own behalf. World public is known to blame the CPC in turning the state prisons and rehabilitation schools into the centres of illegal transplantology (The organs are quite desirable among the members of Falun Gong, (an organization forbidden in the PRC), whose healthy lifestyle is beyond any doubts). To improve its image, China asked the Catholic church to organize an international conference and to invite leading speakers. The Pope, ‘a defender of all abandoned and discarded’, should write a welcome address, and Huang Jiefu, the representative of the COTDF (China Organ Transplantation Development Foundation) should become the chief guest of the meeting. Despite of Jiefu being personally accused of organizing the illegal net of transplantation by the European and American observers, Vatican led the meeting in the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on 7-8 May 2017. As a result, the PRC is scoring.

On 22 September 2018, the government of China and Vatican signed a interim agreement about joint nomination of Chinese bishops.

According to this assignment bishops for China will be proposed by Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association and confirmed by the Pope; in this way the ‘Association’ will become the canonical jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic church in the PRC. Pope Francis has already recognized 8 bishops of the ‘Association’, one of them was recognized postmortem. As Vatican persuades, the signed agreement will not influence on the contacts with Taiwan (Vatican accepts Taiwan as a ‘real’ China). After the humiliating conference, the Pope nevertheless scored a point in the game. The score was 1:1.

Less than a month passed, when on 9 November 2018 in the world mass media the news about the disappearance of a bishop of the ‘Catacomb’ Catholic church of China Monsignor Peter Shao Zhumin. In 2016, the Pope nominated him a bishop of Wenzhou. As it was revealed later, the bishop was arrested, sent to the famous penal camps in Xinjiang and was liberated on 23 November. It was an exemplary arrest, a direct message to Francis, who exactly rules Catholic bishops, clergy and all believers in the PRC. So, China became a leader again, with the score 2:1.

After such actions of China, the members of the Roman Curia decided to answer equally; they actively started using their people in Hong Kong to organize protests against the Extradition Act (or wider against the union with the PRC in general). We have written about it earlier. We do not think that massive protests and other civic actions will be able to have a serious impact on the union of Hong Kong with the PRC in 2047. Rather the opposite, these events may make the CPC to force the involuntary for Hong Kong integration. By now, the score in a match between China and Vatican remains 2:1.

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