Patriarch Kirill is going to present a report “Russia-2050”

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  • 20.Jul ‘20
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This was communicated by Konstantin Malofeev, the CEO of Tsargrad media group and the deputy head of the World Russian People’s Council. 

The report will consist of four parts, and each part is written up by an expert group:

  1. The committee on socioeconomics, led by the former advisor to the President Sergey Glazyev
  2. The committee on the spatial development, whatever it means, led by the Belgorod region governor Yevgeny Savchenko; 
  3. The international committee, guided by the former rector of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies who now serves as the deputy head of the Double-Headed Eagle Society (pun unintended) Leonid Reshetnikov;
  4. The committee on culture, curated by Aleksandr Shchipkov: the ROC government relations head person. 

Patriarch’s “Russia-2050” program is going to become a manifest of modern political conservatism and the church-state symphonia.  

Socioeconomically, the program would attack major state liberals: Gref, Malofeev’s main opponent; Kudrin; and Chubais. 

The World Russian People’s Council expects Belousov and Mishustin to back Patriarch in all four talking points.

The report will be presented by Patriarch Kirill the next fall at the opening of the 24th World Russian People’s Council.  

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