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This annual report was developed by Religion Today, an independent expert company that provides consulting and monitoring services in relation to the religious situation in Russia and abroad. This is the third annual issue of the report.

The first issue was devoted to the crisis of modern Orthodox Christianity and delineated the events of 2018-2019 that had a destructive effect in the global Orthodoxy. The second issue, Orthodox Church of Ukraine in the Global and Regional Context, represented an analytical digest of actions leading to legalizing the ecclesiastical schism in Ukraine and the role they played in global politics.

This new, third annual report is groundbreaking in its focus on the ‘Islamic factor’ that many – primarily, foreign – forces attempted to use as a destabilizing element in politics to achieve their strategic goals in the global arena. 

The dynamics of global events clearly points at the tendency to utilize religion to disrupt political processes. The latest evidence of that is the EuroMaidan in Ukraine and the following systematic attack on the Russian Orthodox Church, reinforced by the Western aggression towards Russia.  

The first section of Religion Today Annual Report #3 is devoted to internal problems of Russian Muslim institutions. It delineates crucial structural changes in the Russian ummah, rivalry between muftiates, and new long-term partnership and strategic alliances between key Islamic leaders of Russia.

The second and third sections of the Report explain how milestone events that happened in the global Muslim community throughout 2021 influenced the Russian ummah. In particular, we will analyze the strengthened position of Turkey that presents itself as a center of the pan-Turkist Muslim state unity, and the reaction of Russian Muslims to the transformative changes of the political regime in Afghanistan.

You can download the pdf file from the link below:   

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