About us

Information Counseling Company “Religion Today”

Religion Today is a community of independent experts who monitor the religious situation in Russia and the world and are ready to provide consulting services in the field of religion.

Our team comprises highly qualified religious scholars, psychologists, political scientists and sociologists. Our experts are familiar with the religious situation in theory as well as in practice by networking with members of many religious organizations. We all share the belief that taking the religious factor in account is often the key to understanding modern political, social and cultural processes.

Today, religion is indeed significant for both individual and society. Its significance will ever increase in the foreseeable future. However, in Russia there are virtually no specialists able to clearly and informatively describe how exactly religion influences the ongoing processes. That is why we have created the Religion Today Consultancy to publish daily news, reviews, analytical materials and forecasts concerning modern religious life.

Also, our specialists are ready to provide various consulting services to all interested individuals and legal entities.


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